Publications & Newsletters.


Cisco's IoT, Deveron UAS, ARIMA, & NYC.
Summer 2016
Ti, PredictiveIo, MW2016, People Analytics, & Elemental.
Spring 2016
Data Hygiene, RSQL 2016, Relaimpo, & The Browser.
Winter 2016
Dell, EARL, Algorithms, Customer Journeys, & theSkimm.
Fall 2015
Maxymyser, Sparks, Price Sensitivity, & Juniper Ridge.
Summer 2015
Microsoft's R, Hadoop's Hives, GigaBeats, & Rapha.
Spring 2015
Datalogix, Complexity, TBATS, & Momos.
Winter 2015
Programmatic, PAPI's, E-Care, Unicorns & Denim.
Fall 2014
RecSys, Commodity, CRISP-DM, Residuals, & Treat.
Summer 2014
Bluekai, The Long Tail, Rolf Dobelli, & Kinfolk.
Spring 2014
Consolidation, Big Risk, Trending, Kenya, & 100 Cars.
Winter 2014
SAP, Omnichannel UX, Five Cart Test, The Clouds, & Umbrella.
Fall 2013
Consolidation, Funnel Vision, Opportunity Cost & Luxury.
Summer 2013
Seven, Strategy, Satisfaction, Synergies, and Sweets.
Spring 2013
Prescriptive Analytics, Engines, Humans, Data Dodgers & Mozenda.
Winter 2013
Beyond Sentiment, Reviewer, Bandit Optimization, & Concept.
Fall 2012
CSAIL, Survival, Publishers, Featured, and Bruce Munro.
Summer 2012
The Big Deal, Splunk, Segmentation, Stockholm, and Handmade.
Spring 2012
People, Oracle, Digitization, Nerds on Wall Street, and Type.
Winter 2012
Acquisitions, Appalog, The Next Best Offer, and Annie Lennox.
Fall 2011
Real Time Analytics, Reviews, Graphic Alphabet, & Road Food.
Summer 2011
Five, 5%, Predictive Review, Motion Theory, and Jonathan Harris.
Spring 2011
Media Planning, New Heights, Teradata, and the Shopkeepers.
Winter 2011
Big Blue gobbles, the data push, and talk optimization.
Fall 2010
Blue Turkey, Decisions, Design, and a Scale.
Summer 2010
Social Data Revolution, Customer Voice, Dry Cleaning, & e-Metrics.
Spring 2010