Maxymyser, Sparks, Price Sensitivity, & Juniper Ridge.


Oracle recently acquired Maxymyser for undisclosed terms. What's so special about them? Well, in addition to the traditional A|B test and multi-variates product offering, its product line extends the concept of personalization to a complete user experience, for more details click here.

"As for its personalization software, the New York-based company offers an automated customer profile engine that continually pulls consumer data and plugs in into algorithms in order to predict the optimum tailored experience for each site visitor." – Natalie Gagliordi

The recent purchase of Maxymyser is part of the accelerated growth strategy of Oracle. For more perspective on this deal, we suggest this article.


You've probably already heard of Sparks. If you have not, you should get curious about it. For a good intro, take a look here. For more on its evolution, consider this piece.

Why the fuss about Sparks? The two word answer is performance, and versatility. We're also very excited about the integration with SQL and R. In addition, the commercial version of Sparks offered via Databricks will make it a platform to watch.

Price Sensitivity

We've noticed over the years that many B2C clients do not track this metrics. It's interesting because it comes from accessible data points, is fairly easy to calculate, and track over time. And obviously, it's a factor that can have a significant impact on revenue.

We've also recently read an article on the subject which suggests that price sensitivity is not correlated to income and that price sensitive customer tend to be loyal; worth a second look!

Whatever you believe, we think that there is a real opportunity to test pricing thresholds online. Here's an interesting piece on Personalized Pricing Recommendation System.

Juniper Ridge

You'd think that the term "backpacker cologne" is an oxymoron, no? Not necessarily. Juniper Ridge bottles up the wilderness with flair – Have a listen – (Look for Chapter 2).

Want to know how to apply backpacker cologne? You can see how its' done here – scroll down to the last video, it's a beauty!

"You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward." - Conrad Hall

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