Consolidation, Big Risk, Trending, Kenya, & 100 Cars.


The amalgamation of the marketing automation industry continues. In late December, Oracle acquired Responsys for $1.5 Billon. Responsys, a known vendor in the B2C space, will bolster Oracle's capacity in that market.

In the press release, Oracle mentions that the need to integrate and orchestrate campaign across channel is a major challenge for today's CMO. Also listed, are the different offering - "Interact" solution offered by the company; It's worth a look!

Big Risk

Dr. John Jordan published a great article in the Wall Street Journal regarding the current risks of big data. He provides context, using a recent Gartner report on the actual activities across industries, but also guidance about maintaining core analytic principles.

Interestingly, majority of the activities of big data initiatives are around "enhancing customer experience" but more than half struggle with "what value will be gain from the data".

Have a read! We found it very interesting.


Mark Ryan highlights last year's developments in web analytics and speculates on the top 10 trends for 2014. Our favorites are: 2. Multi-visit Click Paths, 3. Physical Interaction Tracking, and 7. Better Tools for Integration with Third Party Data.

Want to know more about these? Read on.


Emerging markets in Africa are ripe for analytics. In fact, many foreign companies have noted the developments in Kenya. Google, and IBM, amongst others.
Have a listen; it's all very exciting!

100 Cars

We recently had the chance to closely examine 100 beautiful wooden cars made by designers from around the globe. For a review of the exhibit, click here. Want to see all the models, drop by the showroom. Vroom, vroom!

Looking for a quote to end it? Too predictable! This, we found to be very inspiring.
PS. It's not for the beginners or the creative types only; it's applicable to all of us.

Stay Warm.

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