Consolidation, Funnel Vision, Opportunity Cost & Luxury


Since IBM purchased Unica ($480 M), Teradata; Aprimo ($525 M), and SAS; Assetlink (undisclosed), there has been more and more acquisitions in the marketing automation space.

Earlier this year Oracle acquired Eloqua ($825M), in June Adobe picked up Neolane ($600 M), then Salesforce inhaled Exact Target ($2.5B). Wow. That’s quite the raise for a 300M company! For more details on the latest acquisition, have a look over here or there.

Recent acquisitions have been supported by Gartner which signals that CRM will be 36B market by 2013. Hence, the evolving focus on customer relationship is still very strong and is expected to be for some time. - Yes, you should be thinking about automation if haven’t already.

Funnel Vision

The funnel philosophy (beautifully illustrated by Brian Cray) has widely been adopted. We drive user to the site and we nudge them toward a desired action, and done. Huh, no?

Over time, a lot of us have glazed over hundreds of funnel and we’ve turned the funnel philosophy into "funnel vision". However, what’s great about Brian’s Funnel is that it illustrates a number of interesting possibilities such as:

  • Capturing users: understanding actual scenarios.
  • Desired outcomes: you anticipating their needs.

A strategic segmentation is one meaningful way you can understand the actual scenario. Likewise, with user session-id or transactional data you can anticipate their needs. Here is a great video on the usage of market basket analysis from Steve Wallace.

Opportunity Cost

The opportunity cost is one of these terms that often gets thrown around and is not necessarily understood. Here is a great clip on the subject from a B2B and B2C perspective.

Have you ever calculated the opportunity cost of not pursuing a predictive analytics effort?

The Luxury Alchemist

For those of you who are interested in the inner workings of luxury brands, have a quick look!
We’ve already pre-ordered a copy!

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