Seven, Strategy, Satisfaction, Synergies, and Sweets.


Yes, we turned seven this May and we're grateful for it. Thanks to you for the support, encouragement, and the referrals over the years – Cheers!


Contact strategy is common knowledge and often means different things to different people. Here’s a great presentation by Devon MacDonald on how to set up best practice.

There’s nothing like a good practitioner to show the way.


Customer satisfaction is an evolving term, fragmenting over different touch points. Here’s a comprehensive perspective; look for the Macro Model; bottom of p.101 – top of p. 103.

This model is clever because it systematically links perception, comparison standard, to a given sentiment and consequently, a potential outcome or behavior.

All you need is will – data, we’re sure you already have.


Last year, Liveperson launched LP Insight which integrates text with transactional data to provide a more synergistic view of the customer. Need a real business case? Have a look at this testimony from Petco.


For some eye candy (literally), have a look this. Relatively short but very sweet!

"There'll always be serendipity involved in discovery."
- Jeff Bezos