Prescriptive Analytics, Engines, Humans, Data Dodgers & Mozenda.

Prescriptive Analytics

Most of you know what descriptive and predictive analytics does. What about prescriptive analytics?

Here is a great article on the topic.


One of the ways to implement "prescriptive analytics" is through recommendation engines. Christopher Berry's (Authintic) blog entry on the topic is impressive. It explains collaborative, content, and hybrid filtering in business terms.

And for those who want technical details on these concepts: click here.


Whenever we talk about automation, there’s always a discomfort that creeps in. Some think that machines will take over. Well, they have, but not completely!

A recent article from the New York Times provides a nice touch on the topic: have a look!

Data Dodgers

Some people love tailored recommendations, others... hmmm... not so much. In fact, it turns out some consumers prefer privacy, so much so, they are willing to pay for it.

Indeed, here is a synopsis on this growing trend and industry: listen here.


Not long ago, for web crawling - a custom application was required. Today, it's not the case.

We came across Mozenda, which does just that; point and click style. Enjoy!

"When you have a large space to conquer, the curve is the natural solution."
- Oscar Niemeyer