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Beyond Sentiment

The awareness of text analytics is on the rise, but to date there is very little structure that exists on how to harness it. Tom Reamy, founder of The Kaps Group, and chair of text analytics world recently spoke at Analytics2012 about how to address this issue.

His presentation, "Quick Start with Text Analytics" was inspiring as he lays out a framework that is valuable beyond the discipline. For an overview, have a look!

“Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Fast”
- Tom Reamy

We also suggest you consider his last article; Beyond Sentiment.


Win with Advanced Business Analytics, (Wiley and SAS Business Series) was recently published. Being one of the content reviewers for the manuscript, we have good first-hand knowledge of the material and we expect that it will be a success!

The book describes the transformational story of Jean Paul Isson and Jesse Harriot provide a step-by-step approach on how to gain competitive advantage through leveraging analytics across an organization.

We believe that this book is a “must have” if you are serious about making competing on analytics a reality. And, you can have a look at the first chapter here.

Bandit Optimization

Interested in A/B testing and/or other form of optimization? You’re in luck! Matt Gershoff made a great case at eMetrics Stockholm about how to maximize yield using Greedy Epsilon and Upper Confidence Bound. Slide 19, 27 and 37 provides for a neat synopsis. However, we encourage you take time to go through the presentation, even better - visit the site and give it a try.


In Oslo, Norway at Bare Jazz we had the chance to witness the sound of Hanna Paulsberg Concept.
Have a look and keep an ear out!

In prosperity think of adversity.
- Dutch Proverb