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On May 30th, The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT launched bigdata@CSAIL to take on the challenges of the emerging field. With founding members such as Microsoft, SAP, and Intel amongst others, the Initiative’s objectives are:

" identify and develop the technologies needed to solve the next generation data challenges … to scale well beyond what today's computing platforms, algorithms, and methods can provide."

A recent article of the New York Times gives a good historical perspective on this phenomenon. These developments and paradigm shifts are noteworthy because information, or data as we know it today, tend to inform and impact our thinking about decisions and the way to execute them.

“Big Data is really about new uses and new insights, not so much the data itself,”
Rod, A. Smith, VP of Emerging Internet Technologies, IBM


In these economic times, the focus of most mature companies is customer retention. While a number of methods for prevent attrition exits, none give a prediction of “time to event” as well as Survival Analysis.

Conceived in the medical field to evaluate treatment effectiveness, it has quickly been adopted by different industries and is now re-emerging in Marketing. What makes this method so useful is the possibility to target the specific timing of a marketing intervention. This give an organization the opportunity to be pro-active and act before it’s too late. Here is a great article which explores this concept. Enjoy!


Encountering declining printing subscription, Meredith and Hearst have adapted by migrating their customer online and using CRM and third-party data to leverage their marketing. The results are very impressive; for the full story, click here.


We're happy to share with you that our article Predictive Analytics - A case for early adoption was featured in the recent edition of the Direct Marketing News.

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