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The Big Deal

Yes, we're going to say it "Big Data". Ok but what's the big deal? Well have a read of this article from the Guardian or this one from the New York Times for a broader perspective.

For a real world example, read on…


Splunk is the "big data" company of the time. They claims to collect, index, analyze, monitor data in real time; they call it Operational Intelligence - Expedia, Cisco, Tesco are amongst a long list of Fortune 100 clients.

What's interesting is that Splunk aims to simplify things taking data from many silos into a big one for multiple purposes! Does it works? Well, last year they doubled their revenue in to 120 million and their recent IPO was noted by Forbes. For a glimpse of how it really works; view this.


Everyone understands the basic concepts of segmentation. However, very few understand its impact when combined with Predictive Analytics.

Mike McGuirk of Iknowtion (now a Pepper & Rogers Company), put out a great article on the topic. Towards the end, he makes a great point:

"Segmentation provides a robust foundation for designing, testing, measuring and rolling out tailored marketing programs. However, an exhaustive understanding of all expected customer behaviors can not and should not be built into the segmentation solution. Instead, predictive models, developed outside of the segmentation solution, should be viewed as a set of companion tools that help expose additional opportunities and provide the means to achieve an even greater level of targeting precision."

Hence, the lesson here is that segmentation and predictive analytics work in tandem and you should not have one without the other.


This is a quick note to let you know that Figurs* will be speaking at E-metrics Stockholm.
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This one is hard to resist. With the nice weather coming up, everyone is thinking of new threads. It may be time for a brand new suit? In that case, we suggest a tailor-made.

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