People, Oracle, Digitization, Nerds on Wall Street, and Type.

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People; The biggest barrier to analytics adoption

Here's an interesting article on analytic adoption. To top it off, the lack of bandwidth and internal skills further complicates matter! For a more comprehensive read on the matter check out our detailed paper: Predictive Analytics – A case for early adoption.

Oracle aquires RightNow Technologies (and Endeca, and Inquira)

Oracle, an interesting word by any mean – ever looked up the definition? Well here you have it in case you were wondering (it certainly does not lack grandeur): "A priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity."

In any event, there seems to be immediacy to acquire Right Now Technologies (pardon the pun), the price tag 1.5 Billion dollars; read on. The race with IBM is heating on…


Brian Arthur from McKinsey Quarterly has some interesting thoughts on the impact of this phenomenon in a recent article called "The Second Economy".

It certainly exposes some of the realities with we are creating and some responsibilities we might need to face in the future.

Nerd on Wall Street

Dr. Leinweber is one of the leaders in financial quantitative analytics and recent author of "Nerd on Wall Street" and gave an interesting interview with WSJ recently: click here to view.

A great talk on the pitfall of regressions:
"The model is not the market"

If you're interested in finding out more, have a look at this talk he gave at Google. It's an hour plus so gets comfortable. Really interesting though.


Great series on PBS on how type (fonts) have an impact on our lives.
Have a look - we found it very rich and stimulating!

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