Acquisitions, Appalog, The Next Best Offer, and Annie Lennox.

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It's been an amazing summer. Customary to practice, we thought we'd go over the analytics landscape for the past few months. Below is some content that we thought you would value.

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IBM obtains Algorithmics
Big Blue moved the needle in risk analytics with its acquisition of Algorithmics, a Toronto based firm. While IBM, with SPSS, already has a product that's specific to risk, this acquisition will ensure both best practices and give future customers the option of mass and boutique services.
To take a look at the harmonious details, go here.

Webtrends get Reinvigorate
Remember Webtrends? As Adobe (Omniture) and IBM (Unica Net Insight/Coremetrics) battle for the worldwide web analytics domination, Webtrends – one of the pioneer vendors of the industry (circa, 1993) – got our attention with this deal. Reinvigorate will give a boost to the Webtrend brand by allowing for real-time analytics capacities. For more on this deal, click here.


Yes, it's finally here! The Appalog – a new catalog application for the Ipad. Indeed, a nice digital solution to a legacy channel. Click here for more details.

An extraordinary life! Steve Jobs: 1955-2011. He is and will be an inspiration for generations to come.

The Next Best Offer

The Next Best Offer (NBO) is described as 'a targeted offer (product and/or services) which a customer is most likely to respond to'. Thomas Davenport wrote an introduction piece about NBO this summer on IIA. Interestingly, two years ago, Neil Hayward from SAS outlined five basic rules on the topic, as many marketers tended to focus on what would best profit the company, rather than what would best serve the customer.

Recently, banks and credit card companies have made inroads in further monetizing the vast amount of our data available to them through the use of third party vendors. Now, probably sooner than later, NBO will be linked with your favorite piece of plastic. Imagine – no coupons or promo codes, and an actual refund at month-end. Listen here for details on the inner workings!

Companies like Cardlytics, FreeMonee are now happy intermediaries. However, if you're interested in simpler predictive analytic work, feel free to contact us.

Annie Lennox

Sure, this may be a bit dated (from 2008), but Annie Lennox lays it out well – her first job, advice, self-doubt, feminism, her favorite music. Have a look! - we hope you'll also find it inspiring, as we did.

Wisdom is learning what to overlook.
- James Williams

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