Real Time Analytics, Reviews, Graphic Alphabet, & Road Food.

Real-Time Analytics

Everyone – and no one – understands real-time analytics. So we thought we'd shed some light on it. First – and always a good place to start - a definition. Then, for more clarity, an actual business case: Dell Canada from James Taylor: the leading expert in decision analytics.

At its core, real-time analytics brings many pieces of a data puzzle together (eg.: BI, Predictive & Web Analytics, and Marketing Automation). At its most obvious, it is manifest in the model of multi-channel marketing introduced by McKinsey over ten years ago.

No wonder real-time analytics is the main theme of the upcoming DMA2011.


As promised here are brief reviews of IBM MIS 2011 & KXEN America & APAC User Conference.

IBM MIS 2011 Review (Formerly Unica's)
Well things have changed. A year or so after the acquisition of Unica, IBM, for starters, renamed the event. One could feel the change in the air; and the dress code was somewhat more formal.

Nonetheless, amongst many excellent sessions, the synergies between Unica Predictive Insight (UPI - formerly Affinium Model) and SPSS were nicely outlined. And, that SPSS can comfortably interact with Unica Campaign or Coremetrics indicates integration is already underway.

KXEN User Conference Review
By far, one of the best (if not the best) conference & training events we've recently attended. Kxen just re-branded - and introduced - two new products to their suite; Explorer and Model Factory.

Of the two, model Factory was the most impressive - enabling users to a) receive alert on data variation, b) automatically detect model performance degradation, c) refresh analytical data sets, d) reproduce, score and deploy new models.

Graphic Alphabet

Want to learn your graphic alphabet? Read the "The Wall Street Guide to Information Graphic".

"My issue is that no one has yet defined the basic grammar of information graphics. We learn how to write starting from ABC and form words before we can write an editorial. With graphics, people install their software and start making the graphics with zero training." – Dona Wong.

Ouch, hard to argue with that! Click here for a brief review of the book if you're hungry for more. Hmm… hunger - nice segue…(read on)…

Road Food

Taking a day trip or a driving vacation this summer? If you are, you might be interested in Road Food. Jane and Michael Stern started the movement with the book, hum, well ah: Road Food.

In addition to Road Food, Jane and Michael are regular commentators on The Splendid Table. For a 'taste' of the Sterns click here for a listen. (Search the page for "The Sterns".)

Enjoy the rest of your summer!