Big Blue gobbles, the data push, and talk optimization.

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'Tis a busy season! Usually we take a look forward in our newsletters, but this time, let's take a quick look into the recent past.

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Big Blue gobbles up some more – this time Netezza.

IBM gobbled up another sizeable company to further feather its analytics nest. This time, it was Netezza, in a $1.7 billion takeover.

With the marketing automation capacity of Unica (another recent IBM acquisition), and the real-time accuracy that Netezza will provide, IBM is certainly in a powerful position to turn business intelligence into what they call 'business analytics'. To read more about Big Blue's latest kernel, click here.

The data push: From interpretation to leverage.

58 years ago, John Rodgers suggested, in an article of the Incorporated Statistician;

"…one of the functions of this society that it should attempt to bridge the gap between the way practical business and official statisticians build up figure concepts and between the business man's and layman's correct understanding and application of them. To become adept in the art of interpretation should be the aim of the business statistician of the next twenty-five years." p19.

Fast-forward to this Fall (okay, a little more than 25 years) – now, data mining is pushing marketing to a new level: click "Listen to show" for a great discussion of this topic.

Statistics + clever thought = talk optimization.

We'll sign off with a bit of a laugh – in this Ted Talk, Sebastien Wernicke uses statistics to instruct us how to create optimized ted talks. We wonder if a Bayesian (Naïve) Approach was used?

Happy reading, listening and watching – and happy Fall! (brrrr!)