Blue Turkey, decisions, design, and a scale

What's New?

It's been a great summer and while it's on its way out, we thought we'd go over the analytics landscape for the past few months. Below is some content that we thought you would value.

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Blue Turkey: Big blue gobble, gobble, gobble.

First SPSS, then Coremetrics (eye-brow raising, to be sure) and, just a couple of weeks ago - Unica. Just what is IBM up to? For some sound analytics on the subject, visit this blog.

Analytics and decision-making.

Decisions, of course, are made at every level of business. And analytics are extremely helpful to making smart, sound decisions. So why aren't the higher levels of business management using analytics to their advantage? For some very thoughtful analysis of this, click here.

Design, meet graph. Graph, meet design.

Let's face it, the average business presentation has a ton of graphs and tables and charts and the like. Can the way they are designed/look impact their effectiveness? Possibly. Take a look!

But perhaps you're more interested in perfecting the basic graph.

Or, if you want to go well beyond the basics for graphics that are 'fast, visceral and easy to digest'.

And to end on a happy (literally) note, some music.

Apparently, the pentatonic scale comes easily to all of us - enjoy the rest of the summer.